In 1940, the homes and fishing shacks of Cushing’s Point were removed, and the beaches were filled to create two WWII era shipyards that constructed Liberty Ships.

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Today, 30 acres of the original West Shipyard site remain as an inaccessible waterfront and blighted industrial area.

The Yard South project aims to transform these 30-acres into a resilient mixed-use community with an accessible waterfront.

The Yard South envisions a 30-acre community of housing, retail, community services, and workspaces. An enhanced trail network and water transit service will connect Yard South to surrounding neighborhoods, Bug Light Park and downtown Portland. The Yard South invites people to live, engage, and interact.


One Planet Living is a vision of the world in which everyone lives within their fair share of the earth’s resources, leaving space for nature and wilderness. The Yard South planning, construction, and phasing are guided by the One Planet Living concept and sustainability framework.

Sustainability action plan workshops with South Portland city staff and local community members have drawn out overarching themes for the Yard South:

  • A local community and a destination
  • Live, work, play, and shop
  • A place that happily invites people from different social, economic backgrounds, and generations
  • Connectivity
  • Placemaking
  • Energy Usage

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Site History

During World War II, the Cushing's Point area of South Portland played a crucial role in the war effort with the construction of two shipyards. From 1941-1945 the South Portland Yards mass-produced 274 ships and employed 30,000 people. Click below to learn about the shipyard history and previous development proposals.

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Yard South Team

12/18/2023 Happy Holidays

12/18/2023 Happy Holidays

Yard South Team

Join the Conversation

One of our main priorities is listening to the community throughout the development process.

Our Progress, Visualized

Community Outreach Sessions

  • Online workshops with community members and neighborhood groups to discuss development goals
  • One Planet Living workshop to establish preliminary sustainability goals
June 2020 - January 2022

Site Walk 1

  • Community site walk to discuss project development and shipyard history
February 2022

Site Walk 2

  • Community site walk to review Contract Zone documents in advance of submission
October 2022

Contract Zone Pre-Application Process

  • Meet with city staff to review contract zone draft
In progress

Future Contract Zone Submission

  • Yard South Contract Zone text, reports and exhibits for site rezoning

Future Contract Zone Review and Approval Process

  • Planning Board workshop and site visit
  • 1st Reading with Planning Board
  • 1st Workshop with City Council
  • 2nd Reading by the Planning Board
  • City Council Public Hearing
  • City Council Approval

Future Subdivision Submission

  • Subdivision application including site utilities and street plans

Future Subdivision Review and Approval Process

  • 1st Reading with Planning Board
  • 2nd Reading by the Planning Board
  • Planning Board Approval

Future Building Permit Review and Approval Process